Friday, October 25, 2013

Take Two

So here goes take two of this blog.  Originally meant for family/friends and documenting thoughts for my children it eventually evolved into something more public.  This left many of my personal experiences and more significantly images and stories of my children exposed to the public internet, and we all know how safe the internet is!  Many times I came across instances where pictures of my children were used in ways unknown to me or without my consent.

Took a few months off to re-evaluate what I wanted to do, I enjoy sharing thoughts and experience’s however I have to also recognize and find that balance where there can be a public/personal boundary.  The compromise for me was, to take offline all of the previous articles which were written for my children and move them to another personal blog which I am continuing to write as well. 

This one will be more for public opinion and rants which I so love to do ;-).  Evolution is a good thing, but more important is how we recognize, and accept it.  For final clarification this is not intended as a blog about Sikhi, it is just merely a way of expression for me.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do claim to be one who is trying and willing to share and learn through interaction with others.

Those who can appreciate having an open mind and who value views or opinions which are different from theirs, I welcome you.  To those who have close minded thinking and are going to test things which are my opinions, I challenge you to do so with courtesy and respect, so that we can gainfully exchange dialogue.

Either way its good to be back and have this platform which has been part of my own introspection and development for the past 7 years J.

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