Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You look like God

I walked into Himmats class early and began going through what I was going to talk to the kids about.   His teacher walked in and greeted me she asked me what I would need, I told her just the projector and I would setup the rest myself.  As I began to unpack my laptop for the presentation, the class started to walk in from recess .  I got the normal

 “who are you?”  - I’m Himmats dad
 “Are you HIM MATT’s DAD?”  - Yes I am!
“You have a long beard” – Yes I Do J
Then I heard…..
“You look like God”

I did not know how to respond. So I pretended to ignore it.  I knew the direction from where that comment came but did not know who said it. 

When the presentation began I started with my normal ice breaker jokes, and then I asked the kids what they noticed about me, or what was different.  I have gotten all sorts of answers to this question….from your beard to that thing on your head, to you look like a genie and even some that were brutally honest, you look scary or dangerous!  Anyways I am used to the response that question brings.

Hands immediately went up and the responses came in, all that I had heard before until I called on a little boy to my left.

“You look like God” he said again. 

This time it was in front of the whole KG classes and all the teachers.  I laughed and thanked him, I told him it was the best compliment I had ever received.

Later I thought about that moment, it was a child being totally honest and upfront, but more importantly there was a message.  In our hectic lives and our own small worlds we forget that everyone is in the image of God, that we all have that light inside of us.  Each person has the same worth no matter what their bank account states.  Each person has the same value no matter what family or linage they belong to.  In hustle and bustle we forget the simplest things that in each spirit there is the essence of one.

When is the last time we looked at someone and saw God?  Or told them hey you look like God?  Trust me it’s the best feel good comment you can give someone.  

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